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  • Rob Breese

Follow the Trends.

We are moving and transforming the way we do business. Companies are producing, moving, buying and selling goods across borders and creating new trends every single day.

A recent survey was done by Amber Road and the Association of American Exporters and Importers. Their insight may help you plan and navigate better.

Survey results:

  • While 77 percent of respondents state tariffs and duties top their list of concerns for 2019, 57 percent are looking to reduce supply chain costs.

  • More than 50 percent are moving towards technology.

  • Only 40 percent are leveraging a Global Trade Management system for supply chain execution.

  • Even then, not all processes are automated, which means more manual production is being used.

  • Blockchain is being considered at 30 percent of responding companies.

Knowing the trends can help you compete better.

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