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  • Rob Breese

The New Era 2022

I think with everything in life, you roll with the punches. Even though we have never seen logistics in this shape at any time, we are certain that whatever is thrown at us will either cause us to make changes or help us to plan for the future.

Third week of December and we are wondering, is it going to get any better? Christmas is right around the corner... It IS the elephant in the room.

The pandemic has caused quite a stir in production and for some time a bit of us were all uneasy as to how much damage this was going to create and that was back in February 2020. We all sat thinking... "When does it implode...?" lol But it hasn't.

Sure, we saw some store shelves empty and heard the Vice President tell us to start shopping sooner, but it did not stop. It did not end.

It seems the universe knew we needed a change and so online shopping began to increase. Delivery workers began to be strained because people on-line ordered rather than shopping at the local stores. Heck, I never thought I'd see Super Walmart with actual hours of operation and not open 24/hours! But it happened.

The hottest item for buying? Exercise equipment. Scroll forward to today, and most of us are vaccinated and back out into the "world" so to speak. You even see mall parking lots full this Black Friday with folks shopping face-to-face now. Looking back, we see that the pandemic has led us to changes that were needed and even caused creation of new inventions and possibilities. Things will always improve even when we feel like it's about to implode. Cannot wait to see what 2022 has to offer us for this industry!

Rob Breese, Owner

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