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  • Rob Breese

The Unappreciated Profession – Truck Drivers

Our daily lives are impacted so much by truck drivers that we fail to give them the respect they deserve. The food you put on your table, the gas you put in your car, the medicine that you take, the mail you receive, the money you get from banks/ATM’s, etc. are all made possible because of the 800,000 plus truck drivers that move it from point A to point B. Seventy percent (70%) of all freight transported annually in the U.S., accounts for about 700 billion worth of manufactured and retail goods, that are dependent on truckers to move it.

What would happen if drivers stopped working for a day or even if they were shut down longer? Within 24 hours we would start to feel the affect.

  • Within 24hrs - Medical supplies will cease, gas stations will run low on fuel, and mail/package delivery will stop,

  • Within 48hrs – Food supplies in the stores would run low which would drive the prices up.

  • Within 72hrs – Essentials would run out, ATMs/banks would run out of cash, and gas stations would be out of all fuel.

  • One week – Automobile/public transportation would completely cease and hospitals would be out of all medical supplies.

  • Two weeks – Clean water would be completely dried up.

  • Within one month – Our world would be shut down and in complete chaos.

So, the question is, how important is our truck drivers? Without them our lives would be completely different, and the world would be in complete chaos. So, when you’re on the road be a little more careful and aware of these great people that keep our world moving.

Maybe even thank them for what they do because we do not want to see a world without them.

From your logistics professionals at Genesis Consulting.

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