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  • Rob Breese

Why Choose Rail Transport over Road Transport

Road transport is one of the most popular methods of transporting goods in our country today. So why would you even consider using Rail Transport over Road Transport?

  • One main reason is that it’s very cost effective, especially if you are carrying larger volumes over longer distances. The fuel costs for rail loads are lower than that of over the road especially when you are shipping larger volumes of freight. The costs associated with drivers are also less with rail.

  • Rail transport is more reliable than road transport. With rail they have their own schedules operating on their own tracks meaning they do not have to share the track/road with others as you do with road transport. What this eliminates is traffic, accidents, and weather delays.

  • Rail is one of the fastest modes of transport besides air, the transit time is considered just as fast as road transport especially over longer hauls.

  • Capacity with rail transport is more accessible. With all the new rules, regulations, and shortage of driver’s shippers are finding it harder to find a truck without paying high fees. Rail transport does not have these same limitations as road transport.

Depending on what your shipping needs are will determine if Rail Transport is right for you. From your logistics professionals at Genesis Consulting.

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